The Titan Platform is built to provide a variety of solutions to a variety of businesses.

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Our Prebuilt Solutions

Retail & Supply Management

Everything needed to efficiently analyse and manage online and local stores
  • Manage individual stores & warehouses
  • Inventory, products & supplies
  • Discounts, promotions & gift cards
  • Accounting, keep track of profits and losses

Shipping, Logistics & Warehouse Management

Increase customer satisfaction or employee productivity with user accounts
  • Easily manage and communicate with franchisees, customers, employees
  • Manage orders, refunds, store credit, support special requests
  • User level account management
  • Collect action histories

Total Tracking

Use our tracking system to keep track of mobile devices using our app and online web interface
  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time and location specific messaging
  • Automatic alerts if delayed or off track
  • Collect a history of device tracking

How the Titan Platform is Different


Security is built into the system at the design level, not as an afterthought and it is understood that security is a process and a system is only as secure as its least secure component. Access Control Lists (ACL), Permission Validation, User Input Validation, User Input Authorization, Complete Transactionality, SSL based communications, database level encryption, IP level permissioning, user space separation are some of the techniques used within and provided by the Titan Platform.


Providing mechanisms for fast integration between components and service layers, automating integration between desparate data sets into a combined model.


Used for retail chain management, shipping and handling, logistics, tracking but also by Internet based users. Providing methods for dynamic hierarchy data grouping and representation.

Cost Effective

Provided as a service, with complete access to source code and ability to improve upon it, open source components, no DRM schemes.


Designed to use the system architecture to its maximum potential, using a combination of memory and database indexing to provide reports spanning months and even years worth of data and multiple data sources (stores) in real time.


Designed to allow fast experimentation in order to discover correct pricing schemes. Providing enough instrumentation to run reports spanning time and different data stores, allowing dynamic assignment of data types and analysis of existing data based on newly assigned data types.